Sales Outsourcing for Tech companies by Rooqet

Is your business in crisis or do you  have new plans to grow?                 
Time to get more clients!

Take advantage of the crisis, put your focus to the most important aspect of your business: SALES. Build client acquisition systems which will never let you without a qualified lead.

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Sales is the lifeblood of any business, isn’t it? However it’s also hard when you’re a technical & creative person. You’re passionate about building products, websites, softwares, but you don’t really like selling or frankly speaking, it’s not your strength. You also don’t want to build or develop the capacities of your team on your own, since it requires a lot of time, resources, training, etc.

That’s exactly when Rooqet comes in to support you.

Especially in these crazy times, now, more than ever, you need an experienced and reliable sales and business development partner who knows the drill and can set clear KPIs with roadmaps, strategies, tools and network to hit your targets.

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Who said we can’t do it for your company too?

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Does any of this sound like you, your company?

You need new clients. (Who doesn’t? Lol, but not a type of client who underpays, always requires more, always complaining and trying to micromanage, etc.. We’re talking about a client that is ideal for your profile.

You know that sales is important, but you need an experienced partner who will not break the bank and will provide results, meaning paying clients, then implement other strategies that require more investments.

Your current clients are mostly from referrals and you don’t have proven client acquisition systems that will bring you consistent, qualified leads.

You want to sell for more. You know that there are other companies who are providing the same services for much higher prices.


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About Rooqet

Rooqet is a sales outsourcing company. Interesting fact about us: we’re the only company in Armenia, who’s selling services of US based companies to US based companies and abroad. So if your target is mainly the US, then we’re the right fit.

Other facts that you don’t care about.

We have implemented 30+ campaigns, with an average of 250% ROI. This means we know how to make you money!

We’re fit if

If you’re looking for an experienced partner, instead of an inhouse sales rep who needs training.

If you have inhouse team, but need further support, new strategies and more efforts.

If your target country is the US.

If you like to delegate to experts and don’t micromanage everything.

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