Driving Success: How Rooqet Empowered Esterox to Secure an Exceptional Sales Director

In the competitive landscape of today's business world, finding and hiring the right talent can be a daunting task. Esterox, a fast-growing technology company, faced this challenge when they sought to fill a crucial position within their organization—the role of Sales Director. This case study explores how Esterox successfully leveraged Rooqet, an innovative talent acquisition platform, to identify, engage, and ultimately hire an exceptional Sales Director.


Esterox, a leading provider of cutting-edge software solutions, recognized the critical importance of having a strong sales leader to drive revenue growth and expand their market presence. However, traditional recruitment methods were proving ineffective in identifying candidates with the specific skills, experience, and cultural fit they desired.


Esterox encountered several challenges in their search for a Sales Director. They needed a candidate with a proven track record of building and leading high-performing sales teams, a deep understanding of the technology industry, and a strategic mindset to drive sales growth. Additionally, they wanted someone who would align with their company values and culture.

Rooqet's Solution:

Esterox turned to Rooqet, a cutting-edge talent acquisition platform that combines artificial intelligence with human expertise to source, assess, and connect companies with top-tier talent. Rooqet's unique approach offered Esterox a tailored solution to their hiring challenges.

  1. Intelligent Candidate Matching: Rooqet's platform utilized advanced algorithms to match Esterox's requirements with a pool of highly qualified candidates. By analyzing the Sales Director position's key criteria, including industry experience, leadership skills, and cultural fit, Rooqet presented Esterox with a curated shortlist of exceptional candidates.
  2. In-Depth Candidate Assessment: Rooqet's platform provided Esterox with detailed candidate profiles, including comprehensive assessments and evaluations. These assessments went beyond traditional resumes, enabling Esterox to gain insights into candidates' competencies, strengths, and potential areas for development.
  3. Streamlined Engagement and Hiring Process: Rooqet's platform facilitated seamless communication and collaboration between Esterox and the shortlisted candidates. Esterox leveraged the platform's integrated messaging and interview scheduling features to efficiently engage with the candidates and assess their fit within the organization. This streamlined process saved Esterox valuable time and resources.


Through their partnership with Rooqet, Esterox successfully hired a highly qualified Sales Director who exceeded their expectations. The candidate demonstrated exceptional leadership skills, a deep understanding of the technology industry, and a passion for driving sales growth. The streamlined hiring process facilitated by Rooqet allowed Esterox to fill the position in a record time, minimizing disruptions to their sales operations.


Esterox's experience with Rooqet exemplifies the transformative impact that innovative talent acquisition platforms can have on companies' recruitment efforts. By leveraging Rooqet's intelligent candidate matching, in-depth assessments, and streamlined engagement process, Esterox secured a top-notch Sales Director who has become an invaluable asset to their organization. This case study serves as a testament to Rooqet's ability to connect companies with exceptional talent and drive business success.