Rooqet Empowers EditMentor's Sales Success with HubSpot CRM Implementation and Sales Automation


EditMentor wanted to improve its sales and marketing efforts by implementing a customer relationship management (CRM) system. The company was looking for a way to streamline its sales process, automate repetitive tasks, and improve its lead generation and conversion rates. EditMentor was also looking for a partner who could provide guidance and support in setting up the CRM and creating effective workflows, sales automation, and sequences.


Rooqet was able to help EditMentor by providing comprehensive support in setting up and implementing the HubSpot CRM system. Rooqet worked closely with the EditMentor team to understand their business processes and requirements, and then designed and implemented customized workflows and sales automation to meet their needs.

Rooqet also helped EditMentor to create effective email sequences and sales scripts that would improve their lead generation and conversion rates. Rooqet provided training and ongoing support to ensure that the EditMentor team was able to use the CRM effectively and achieve their sales and marketing goals.


With Rooqet's support, EditMentor was able to set up an effective CRM system that helped to streamline its sales processs.

EditMentor was also able to automate several repetitive tasks, which helped to save time and improve productivity. The company was able to focus more on its core business activities.