September 14, 2022

Good salespeople are crucial for any business. There’s no business if there are no sales, right?

But good doesn’t mean great!

Good salespeople constantly do their job – calling, emailing, and tracking the CRM. But what differentiates good salespeople from great ones?

To be a good salesperson, you need to follow the law of 2P, as we call it in Rooqet.

Be patient and persistent.

But greatness comes with some extra effort.

Great salespeople are always the initiators. They don’t simply follow the sales flow – they create, change, and improve it.

And there are some characteristics that you as a business owner or human resource specialist need to find in a candidate.


Sales is not a technical job that one does day after day. It’s different every day. Sure the company has its sales flow that sales reps need to follow, but with each call and each email, there’s a new case or a problem that needs to be solved. Sales reps face many objections that they need to overcome in different ways.  

This requires enthusiasm. Sales is a game of passion. Salespeople should be passionate about the game. They need to be hungry for winning. You can see it in their eyes and how they talk about sales or their experience.


The law of 2P works here. You can’t stop following up after one email or call or give up and fall into depression after a few refusals. And as an HR specialist, your job is to ask about failures in sales of your candidates to see how they react.


Markets are constantly changing, especially in the era of technology. Salespeople need to be flexible and adapt accordingly. They need to change and improve the techniques and technologies they use. The tactics that worked three years ago might not work today, so constant learning, experimenting, and improvement are vital to be a great salesperson.

But besides all these characteristics, salespeople need to have some good habits.

Some beginners make this mistake all the time – they outreach many people who are not their Ideal Customer Persona (ICP). Sticking with ICP is crucial for sales reps. So businesses need to find a person who will follow this simple rule.

Tracking results is another simple rule. You can’t make sales without measuring them. Setting KPIs and constantly measuring current performance is key to understanding what, when, and why to change in the sales flow, scripts, or anything else.

Last but not least, sales are less talk more listen. Your salesperson needs to be an active listener to identify which of your company’s USPs (unique selling proposition) to use while talking with the prospect. This helps to convert more leads as sales reps understand the real pain of the prospect and offer a real solution.