October 29, 2022

Tone of voice as an instrument for sales.

One of the most important aspects of sales is being positive and having an optimistic approach. But there are many skills you need to have. Tone of voice is one of these skills.

Type of voices

  • Assertive

When you use the assertive tone of voice, you’re straight up. It’s not aggressive but is delivered as a punch in the nose. It’s cold and declarative.

This tone of voice represents the self and mutual respect while saying, “This is my point. I’m not going to change it.”

You shouldn’t really use it frequently while negotiating over sales as it makes your potential client feel cold. Use it when someone is trying to cross some red liens, and make sure not to become aggressive.

  • Playful/accommodating

I recommend using this tone of voice around 80% of the time while negotiating over sales.

The word “Playful” already speaks for itself. Be polite and smile at people. You don’t need to be fake, be yourself but control your tone of voice.

This voice is positive and promotes collaboration, and delivers truths gently.

  • Late-night FM DJ

This voice is straightforward while smooth and downward simultaneously.

You can use this tone when establishing immovable points of negotiation. You need to use it when you need to calm someone down.

Use this tone of voice nearly 15-20% of the time.

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In addition to the three tones of voice, master these two essential inflections:

  • InquisitiveSpeak with an upward inflection, as if you’re asking a question. This tone shouldconvey genuine curiosity and interest in the other person’s point of view. Thisshould be your default inflection.
  • DeclarativeSpeak with a downward inflection, as if you’re stating a fact.