December 29, 2022

Lack of focus is one of the least mentioned but probably one of the main problems and causes of failure in sales and business in general.

There are some things called “Time Robbers” that also disturb you from working and cause a productivity decrease.  Let’s talk about a few of them.

  1. Social media platforms
  2. Co-workers (some of them)
  3. Multitasking

Social media

Facebook, TikTok, and other apps can cause an immense time spent.  When you just go to hang out on Instagram for 5 minutes you suddenly see yourself scrolling for a good 30 minutes.

But social media platforms are also tools to use in sales. You can do research using them.

What to do?

  1. Write down what exactly should be done
  2. Estimate how long will it take
  3. Set alarm for that time
  4. When it rings you should be done with your tasks

This way you can always monitor your time on social media. Other than that put your phone on airplane mode.


People you work with have their priorities and sometimes think that it’s better to disturb you for a “few minutes” rather than send you a message. How to avoid this?

Use your calendar and communication tools.

Put your task in your calendar so that you people won’t be able to schedule a meeting with you when you’re busy. Also, use “busy” labels in Slack, Microsoft Teams, and other collaboration platforms.


This is one of the main reasons for failing productive work.

When you do one task focus only on that task. Don’t open 3 tabs on your browser and do different work. It’s only a fake impression that you’re doing multiple tasks: our brain can focus only on one thing at a time. So, essentially you fail the work.

So, it’s better to mark your calendar with tasks and do only them as we mentioned before.

This is also applicable to entrepreneurs who try to do 3 or 4 businesses at a time.

Of course, it is possible if you have done your delegation well. If not, you’ll fail all of them.

“I was working as CEO and doing the business,” says Rooqet’s CEO “once I quit the job, we at Rooqet saw exponential growth”


Improving this all leads to one thing. You as a sales rep or business owner (who does sales as well) focus on nothing but sales. You manage to have time for all the tasks in your CRM, and all the research and add new opportunities to your pipeline.

If you don’t have enough time or focus you’ll screw it up!