March 22, 2022

Sales can be difficult and stressful and yet it’s one of the most important aspects of the business. Having a good sales team and well-set-up processes is a key to growing numbers.

But where to start?

In this article, we’re going to share with you some tips and tricks to use to boost your sales.

Constant lead generation

One thing that can help you grow your sales is the quantity. And by this, I mean that your pipeline shouldn’t consist of a few prospects, there should be a lot of them. This helps not to be dependent on a few deals and also to keep the salesperson’s motivation high.

More prospects mean higher sales numbers.

In order to have more leads, you can dedicate some part of your day to this. Using your buyer persona characteristics and lead generation tools you can add more and more prospects to your CRM.

Build relationships

To build long-term relationships with your customers make them feel how much you value their time, opinion and show them how much time you invest in building relationships with them.

In your emails or messages put a link to your calendar so that they can easily set up a meeting with you without losing time going back and forth scheduling.

Be attentive to the news and achievements of your prospects. Show it to them, congratulate their business achievements, and engage with their social posts.

During the meeting, write down their objections: this shows your attention level.

Do your homework!

I know this sounds corny, but in sales homework is crucial, You might have different solutions and products but you need to understand which services/products the customers need. So, instead of guessing you approach your prospect with solutions, they are looking for.

Research LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social platforms to learn more about prospects. Maybe they wrote an article or won a prize, this can be a great start to a conversation.

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Don’t be cheap

Don’t talk bad about your competitors. Moreover, if they’re good, mention that! This shows confidence and highlights your company values. Your reputation is growing in the prospects’ eyes and as we all know higher reputation means more sales.

Limit your prospect’s time to make a decision

Why? Easy! When they feel urgency (for example a limited offer that expires in 2 days) they’re more likely to make a positive decision not to lose a chance. But a crucial point here is that if the prospects really need/want a solution you offer this might work. And if they’re not interested, no urgency will make them buy it.

Don’t talk, show!

Instead of presenting your service/product, show your prospects how others are using it. Show the results people achieved using your solution. Better to send a video to them with your current client talking about you.

Another way of doing this can be by sharing some statistics and a portfolio. Always remember that it’s better if your prospects know your current customers.

Use multiple funnels

Don’t just write them an email and stop. Find them on LinkedIn, get them on call, or even write them on Facebook. All this can be helpful for winning their attention and getting them in a 15 minutes call or meeting.

Marketing and sales need to work side by side and always be on track with each other. Marketing will put an ad in front of the prospects, salespeople will close the deal.

Before you go

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